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Navigating the JMT and Emergency “Beacons”

(or GPS vs Phone vs SPOT vs InReach vs… Oh My!) A couple friends planning to hike the John Muir Trail this summer have already asked, and it was a recurring thread on a few discussion groups last year. So … Continue reading

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A Northbound Hike on the John Muir Trail -August 2017

More a collection of thoughts than a detailed report. (See also a strange itinerary, a gear list, and a collection of photos.) Having slacked off for a few months, starting with a three-week, eat-too-much float down the Colorado River in the … Continue reading

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Mike’s 2017 JMT Gear List – With Comments

Here’s my gear list for the presumably snowy and wet first-half-of-August 2017 JMT hike from Horseshoe Meadows to Happy Isles. (See more info and further thoughts on the trip.) This was a 14+ day trip, with one resupply at MTR. … Continue reading

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Some August 2017 JMT Conditions and Thoughts

Update: I now have a fuller report and pictures, and gear from the trip.   The following are a few quick thoughts which might help those leaving in the second half of August/September, based on my two-week NOBO trip the first … Continue reading

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