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Mike’s 2017 JMT Gear List – With Comments

Here’s my gear list for the presumably snowy and wet first-half-of-August 2017 JMT hike from Horseshoe Meadows to Happy Isles. (See further thoughts on August 2017 trail conditions.) This was a 14+ day trip, with one resupply at MTR. I’ve … Continue reading

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Some August 2017 JMT Conditions and Thoughts

I’ll have a fuller report and pictures soon. Gear notes are here. And following are a few quick thoughts which might help those leaving in the second half of August/September, based on my two-week NOBO trip the first half of … Continue reading

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Women’s March on Washington

This didn’t look like most hikes I take, but it will likely remain one of the more important days walking I’ll spend walking (well, stood, mostly, although we did cover about 8 miles on foot). HOLY CRAP! What an amazing … Continue reading

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Part 2: Tatahatso Canyon

If you were tooling down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon somewhere near RM 38 in Grand Canyon river parlance, you’d pass the mouth of Tatahatso Wash. You might notice the pool at the mouth, but not give the … Continue reading

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Part 1: Jane and the Reynolds Boys visit Big Canyon

Rather than an extended dance mix Sufferfest in the Grand Canyon, Bob and I talked ab0ut doing two short loops this Fall, Big Canyon, and revisting Tatahatso where we’d had to skip the narrows on a previous trip. Bruce signed … Continue reading

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A few short ones in RMNP: Thunder Lake, Lily Mountain, Estes Cone

While in Colorado last week for a reunion with some of my favorite people in the world (fellow Peace Corps volunteers in the Central African Republic), we managed to tack on a quick overnight, and some other short hikes in/around … Continue reading

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6 Day (or 6.5 Day!) Tour de Mont Blanc Itinerary

I walked around Mont Blanc (read a bit more narrative and see some pictures). Here are my thoughts on how to cover the TMB in 6 or 7 days. Your mileage may vary. And there are lots of ways to slice … Continue reading

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