Women’s March on Washington

img_2347This didn’t look like most hikes I take, but it will likely remain one of the more important days walking I’ll spend walking (well, stood, mostly, although we did cover about 8 miles on foot).

img_2445HOLY CRAP! What an amazing day. So many people, standing and marching (in DC, it was mostly standing—there was literally no room to march for streets stretching out a couple of miles). A block and a half away (and around the corner) from the stage, I didn’t hear the speeches. But it was inspiring and humbling to stand among so many, young and old. We talked, we laughed, we chanted, we helped each other out, we read signs, we saw points from different angles.

With essentially no cell service for most of the day, I didn’t know the tremendous outpouring around the world, or even blocks away in DC for that matter. I didn’t see many friends who were somewhere in the masses, too. But I did get to hang with some friends, old and new, and with strangers, sharing their concern and their energy. And I’m catching up on was happened today. Thanks for everyone who’s shared.

In DC, you’ll see pictures of enormous crowds on the Mall. The Mall was actually where we went to get some breathing room AWAY from the crowds down Independence and packed in so tightly in side streets that people couldn’t move.

Trump is a disaster already, and it’s going to get worse. A lot of our political “leadership” lacks the courage to do what right rather than what they think will get them re-elected. We’ll use that as a tool. Our media has failed us, repeating tit-for-tat posturing rather than trying to find and report facts and the truth. But I’m heartened by those who will not go quietly into the darkness. I’m convinced people will rise. (The politicians who don’t see that will be in for a surprise.) We will be resilient, and we will resist. Trump will go. I hope we’ll also recognize that as bad is he is, Trump is a secondary disease. We’ve got to treat that now. But we also have to recognize that he’s just a symptom of a larger set of issues we must address, too.

It’s going to be a struggle. But, Yes We Can. So…Let’s! Coffee up, people. We’ve got work to do.


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