A wee section of the AT – Gorham, NH to Grafton Notch in Maine

Goose Eye Peak I had a great couple of days with Jesse (shhh… his trail name is Iron Chef) hiking a section of the AT between Gorham, NH and Grafton Notch across the line in Maine. Jesse was 1900 miles into his thru hike, and with that level of conditioning, he was moving fast. This was a great section, and it included the Mahoosuc Notch, what some call the “toughest mile on the Appalachian Trail”, the three peaks of and gorgeous views from Goose Eye Mountain, and the pond on top of Maine’s third highest peak, Old Speck. Jesse said this stretch was some of the hardest hiking he’d done (probably just to make me feel good), and hiker midnight came early for me. This would be a fun one to revisit, though. I wouldn’t mind hanging out for a while at Speck Pond, the highest pond in Maine, and the boulder hopping in Mahoosuc Notch was just plain fun even at the very speedy clip we covered it. Even in late July, we saw a couple patches of ice under a couple of boulders, and the air was markedly colder in several of the wells. Great scenery, heart-pounding climbs, muck, fun scrambles, and a secret stash of cheese. Two thumbs up!
photo-10 Mahoosuc Notch


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2 Responses to A wee section of the AT – Gorham, NH to Grafton Notch in Maine

  1. blp0206 says:

    I just did a quick overnight at Grafton Notch a couple weeks ago!! Loved it. I didn’t tackle Mahoosuc, though I’ve heard the same about its difficulty. I’m hoping to do Grafton loop in the next couple months. Packs a punch: 14 peaks in 40 miles!

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