The Cliffs of Étretat – May 2013

Cliffs of Etretat
OK, not a backpacking trip, but a good day spent tromping up and down the cliffs at Étretat, in Normandy, France. Monet painted ’em. I just walked around thinking I should have brought some rope.  Or a kayak.

There are a few stunning natural arches and a needle. For miles in either direction the cliffs soar out of the water–but there are a few breaks where you can get down to the rocky beaches.

All-in-all, not a bad place.

Cliff of Etretat, Normandy France

Karen and Mika at Etretat

This was followed by some very different “hiking” around Bayeux, Mont St. Michel and Dinan. Gotta say, the French meals were better than the standard backpacking fare!

Mont St. Michel




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